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Nuclear Family Project

Ever concerned by environmental messages of rising temperatures, loss of biodiversity and the catastrophes at Fukoshima and Chernobyl, we sit helpless whilst micro-managing changes to our family lifestyles; less packaging, less car trips, changing energy supplier contrast starkly with ever threatening messages from the radio. How then do we have a discussion about our family future? And make a response to the unimaginable predictions for the future?

The ‘nuclear family’ and its allusions to security, conformity. and statistics serves as a foil to illustrate our past ambivalent relationship with nuclear energy. Through this project we have begun to explore our post- postmodern relations to the Industry: our increasingly power hungry lifestyles and the desire for a 'clean' and plentiful source of power set against the environmental risks and increasingly ‘worse’ alternatives.

This project makes a circumnavigation of the UK’s 16 working and decommissioned nuclear power stations and facilities, exploring our relationship to the Industry by making family portraits at each site reflecting optimism and modernity whilst programming family activities such as swimming on Sellafield Beach.

Through ‘sampling’ the landscapes with lens and sound,we have documented the process, creating poetic yet perplexing interpretations of the sites. Thus as a family we offer to embrace the complexity creating a new body of work that brings this discussion into the public forum through photography, film, sound. publication and radio.



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